Refresh not working properly when region/language changed


There are several problems with the automatic refresh when the region and language are changed. This list is not all-inclusive, but some specific problems include:
  1. I am having repeated problems where after changing region/language I create a new database, add 1 case, close it, and then try to reopen it without changing the region/language settings on the app, I cannot open the database and get an error message telling me that it was created in a different language or region from the one that the app is set to. I also cannot open the databases when I switch to the region/language settings indicated by the error message - in that case the database tries to open but then fails partway through opening with the red exclamation point Error message (see attached screenshot).
  2. When I originally open the app in International/French, then switch to US and open a US database, the "final outcome" dropdown on the contact form displays in French instead of English
  3. See issue 17284

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lushilu wrote Dec 31, 2014 at 7:37 PM

After some initial testing I couldn't replicate the first two issues here in 9.5.5, but issue 17284 (mentioned in 3rd bullet here) is still present.