Disappearing dropdown lists


Multiple times today I have had the dropdown lists for country, 1st-, and 2nd-level administrative locations that I created disappear - the dropdown lists on the wpf forms become blank and I can write free text into these fields (the dropdown arrows on the side remain).

I have not yet been able to figure out when this problem occurs, but it has happened at least three times so far today. I've observed it with both International/English and International/French databases. If I close the database and re-open in superuser mode, the dropdown lists immediately reappear and begin behaving normally.

Update: This appears to be a short form issue. The location values are present after they are first entered by a super-user. They are also initially present when the project is first opened by a regular user. They disappear after a Refresh.


lushilu wrote Dec 31, 2014 at 7:23 PM

9.5.5 update 12/31/14: The dropdown lists also disappear from the contact form, not just the case short form. On the contact form the dropdown values are gone immediately upon opening the application, even without refreshing first.