Develop tool for users to change non-location text fields to drop-down fields


Currently in the application field types are pre-set as text or drop-down (or other) and this is unchangeable (with the exception of the location fields, which are not included in this requirement - they should continue to be dealt with separately).

Many users are starting to ask to be able to convert non-location text fields to drop-down fields, in order to decrease the data cleaning that must be completed. For example, the field of health facility/hospital name where a patient is isolated. Guiding users through this process on an individual database basis, especially with a server-based database, requires direct support from Epi Info.


Develop a tool within the application (most likely place to be located would within the tools menu in super user mode) that will allow the user to select any of the text fields specified below in the case and/or contact form, convert that field to a drop-down field, and populate the options that they want in the drop-down list.
The ability to use the same drop-down list specified for one variable below for the drop-down list of another variable below (either through copying and pasting or through selecting an already existing drop-down list) should be allowed since some of the fields below may likely need to have identical drop-down lists.

Case Form Variables:
*Listed in order of appearance in the case form.


Contact Form Variables:

Team (added in issue 17048)

Variables in the Relationship Box
*Doing this is likely the most complicated and the lowest priority on this list.

In all relationship box pop-ups (where relationship information between two people is entered when adding a contact or source case, including date of last contact, relationship between the two people, and contact types) make the "relationship between ____ and _____" drop-down eligible.


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Comments as of 9.5.5
  1. If you choose "Create List from Existing Table", in the Value Editor window you have to double click on the table in step 1 before the values appear in step 2. This is confusing because the table is highlighted in blue after a single click. Please change this function so that the table values appear in the "View Values" window (step 2) after single-clicking on the desired table.
  2. The lists for the variables "SymptOtherComment" and "OtherHemoFinalSpecify" need to always be the same. The reason for this is that the "OtherHemoFinalSpecify" box is automatically populated by whatever the user enters into the "SymptOtherComment" box, and this function does not work properly if the user creates separate, different dropdown lists for these two fields (the autopopulating still occurs, but then if the user clicks inside the "OtherHemoFinalSpecify" box, an error will occur on leaving the box if the item displayed is not part of the "OtherHemoFinalSpecify" list).
  3. In the field list, "TransporterType" is listed as "Type of Transport". Please use the variable name for this field to match all of the other fields listed.
  4. In both French and English, the lists do not seem to be populating on the contact form, and once I've opened a contact form all dropdown lists disappear from the short form as well. The short form values come back if I close and reopen the database, but the contact form dropdowns stay empty...and if I open a contact form and then go back to a short case form, the short case form dropdowns are blank as well. This is related to issue 17287.

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